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Who We Are

For the past 26 years, Boikot Underground has been the go-to website for everything skateboarding and punk music. Due to its “Jump and Skate” founding philosophy, Boikot Underground procures the highest quality video content. It utilizes its various talented and creative videographers, photographers, and editors responsible for gathering skateboarding and punk music news, including documenting influencers and innovators in punk music and skateboarding.

Joel Dotson

Joel Dotson is a seasoned skater and a content guru. He discovered his love for skating and punk rock when he was eleven and has never looked back since then.

¬†Joel Dotson enjoys writing about his favorite sport through his experience to serve as a guide for new skaters. He hopes that through Boikot Underground, you’ll get transformed by the exhilarating and exciting sport that’s skateboarding.

Skateboarding Remain Sports and Arts.

¬†Skateboarding goes beyond cruising around on a skate. The sport is a lifestyle. Skateboarding has gone through a revolution over the last 60 years. With the tremendous growth the sport has witnessed from the 1950s to today; skateboarding remains a sport and an art form. Although it’s considered an extreme sport because of its nature, skateboarding, popular amongst youths, is a professional sport boasting ranges of competitions, such as street-style and vertical events.

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Building a Successful Skateboarding Career: Tips from the Pros

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The Basics Of Skateboarding For Beginners

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