Rules To Have Safe Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a recreational sport that every person enjoys. Skating involves riding a skateboard as you apply the several tricks. Despite skating being a mind-blowing experience, falls and injuries may arise. If you are an upcoming skateboarder, here is a list of safety precautions you need to look at before skating.

1. Your safety comes first

It’s advisable you always check your skateboard before riding it. Check whether the rollers are functioning or whether they’re loose or broken. Also, confirm the area you’re riding on to ensure there are no potholes and rocks. Such precautions ensure you are safe from fatal injuries that may arise. It’s worth noting that you should not think of freestyling in driveways into the streets. Drivers might not notice your presence, and you may end up seriously hurt. To add on, eat healthy to ensure your fitness is guaranteed while skating.

2. Wearing Protective Gears and Clothes for Safety and Fitness

If you want your skating experience to end well, it’s essential you have your kneepads, helmets, wrist guards, and elbow pads on. Protective gears are often very vital since they minimize the injuries in case of a fatal wound and ensure fitness to your body. Always choose protective clothing that is well designed and comfortable when riding. In a situation like do you have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle, a fitting helmet with a chin strap can be of help if you want a clear vision and splendid fitness while skating.

3. Observing Safety Street Signs and Rules.

Skateboarding in the streets requires high levels of discipline. If you want your safety guaranteed in the streets, observe all traffic signals and signs. In most cases, skateboarders and pedestrians have the same rights on the roads. In an example of a bridge or a highway, skateboarders should only ride if there is a sign stating that they should ride. In recent years, a motorcycle gang fight in Texas erupted over the rights of motorists. Reports show that the Bandidos Motorcycle Club conducted illegal activities in the streets. In such a case, it’s advisable skateboarders maintain discipline even in the streets to avoid such disagreements.

4. Learn how to fall

If you are a learner and you need to become a professional skateboarder, learn how to fall while riding. In a case where you feel as if you’re about to lose your control, opt to crouch down before you get injured. It’s advisable you try falling on the body parts that are fleshy. Also, rolling on the ground while falling can be the best solution instead of having your arms absorb all the force in your arms. Nevertheless, instead of going stiff, relaxing is better since it minimizes accidents. It’s worth noting that professional skateboarder practices to fall on a soft surface to avoid later injuries during skating. Sounds great, right?

Best Skateboarding Locations

  1. Streets and roads with marked lanes for riders.
  2. Crosswalks and sidewalks

How to ride your skateboard?

  1. While standing
  2. On the right side of the road
  3. With the care that you cannot injure a pedestrian.

How to Interact with the Pedestrians and Motorists?

  1. Use your arms to signal pedestrians and drivers that you are making a turn or stop.
  2. Opt to talk loudly before overtaking a pedestrian.
  3. Reduce your speed when you reach a crosswalk.